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Finstock Proofreading Consultancy USA LLC offers editing and proofreading services solely for professors, lecturers, post-doctoral researchers, research students and business customers. Our primary focus is to satisfy the ever-increasing need for services rendered in the English language among international scholars and business people. We specialize in academic proofreading and English language editing for authors of scientific, social science, and humanities work such as dissertations, theses, journal articles, books, essays, and research proposals.

We have assisted many eminent professors and researchers by proofreading their manuscripts for typos and grammatical errors before publication. Were it not for careful proofreading, their papers would not have been approved for submission, printing, or publication. Numerous clients have contacted us for proofreading assistance after having their work rejected due to multiple spelling and grammatical mistakes in English. After proofreading their manuscripts, their documents were accepted for publication.

Having your work edited and proofread by our diligent team of journal editors and proofreaders will guarantee you success in publication. One must follow the author’s instructions provided by academic and scientific journals when preparing a scholarly article for publication. Similarly, if an article written in English contains too many grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, the paper will be rejected without serious consideration of its content. Finstock Proofreading Consultancy USA LLC has state-of-the-art proofreaders and editors specializing in fixing linguistic issues. They ensure that formatting and citations always meet journal standards and correct any typos you may have made in your document to guarantee a successful publication. We also have editors and proofreaders who specialize in scientific manuscripts for researchers and scientists in the medical, biological, and physical sciences.

Getting a manuscript ready for publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal is long and exhausting. You must correctly communicate complex information with clear and correct wording in a document. Data visualizations such as tables and figures require careful planning to ensure the presentation of even the most complex datasets clearly and effectively. Accurate, complete, and appropriately styled citations are essential, as is a consistent application of all other formatting requirements outlined by the journal. You can significantly improve your article’s chances of being published with the help of Finstock Proofreading Consultancy USA LLC services.

Finstock Proofreading Consultancy USA LLC also has editors and proofreaders who specialize in scientific manuscripts for researchers and scientists in the medical, biological, and physical sciences. The best scientific writing is engaging and searching, which is only possible if it is well written, accurate, informative, reporting complex methods and data clearly and consistently. However, in most cases, scientific writing must also follow specific formatting and stylistic guidelines (such as the author’s instructions in scholarly journals) with precision. Finstock Proofreading Consultancy USA LLC’s scientific editing services may help you satisfy the stringent requirements of scientific writing and decrease the likelihood of publication rejection by addressing errors in syntax, spelling, punctuation, format, and more.

We thoroughly examine the correctness and consistency of your writing and formatting, removing errors where necessary and recommending changes; our topnotch Ph.D. thesis and dissertation proofreading services can enable you to avoid this risk. The Ph.D. thesis or dissertation usually required to earn a doctoral degree at universities requires years of planning, research, discussion, writing, and editing (not to mention tuition). Still, all that work must follow the university’s or department’s guidelines or if the thesis contains too many grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

At Finstock Proofreading Consultancy USA LLC, we don’t use anonymous contract proofreaders; instead, we carefully vet and select each of our proofreaders to ensure they are experts in their industry. Our editors are native English speakers with advanced degrees and years of academic experience.

We track each proofreader’s progress and evaluate them regularly. Our proofreaders are thoroughly approved and trusted, giving our academic proofreading services an edge over other proofreaders and proofreading services. We promise you will be pleased with our service and guaranteed success. We also guarantee your satisfaction with our service and a full refund or re-proofread your document at no additional cost if you are not satisfied.

We treat all information submitted to Finstock Proofreading Consultancy USA LLC with the utmost confidentiality. We promise never to share your name and other personal details with outside parties. We also take extra precautions to guarantee that our IT infrastructure is outfitted with cutting-edge security technology and software, such as encryption, to curb any information infringement.

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