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Legal Compliance Advise

It is important for you to know what compliance means to us:

  1. Thorough knowledge of the law and legal implications to your business
  2. Full understanding of all your business dynamics, including goals and objectives
  3. Objective & neutral assessment of the compliance requirements while considering your business needs
  4. Compliance advice that complements your business dynamics as well as your legal requirements.

Providing legal compliance advice without fully considering your business needs misses the mark. We must consider both to successfully provide meaningful compliance solutions.

I. Taxation:
Direct Taxes

A. Income Tax
Corporate Tax
Withholding Tax
B. International Taxation

Indirect Tax

A. Excise Duty
B. Customs Tax
C. Turnover Tax
D. Value Added Tax


Team building
our company organized a team building activity for its employees at Bantu Lodge. Here are some of the exciting moments our employee had
Finstock consulting offered training at Baraton University on data analysis using Stata and Spss software the training was attended by over 20 postgraduate student.
our research services
Complete Thesis Training
Thesis Topic Selection Training
Thesis Proposal Training
Thesis Introduction Training
Literature Review Training
Research Design & Methodology
Data Analysis and Research Results
Findings, Conclusion, Implications
STATA,SPSS and EVIEWS ,Rsoftware
our services
Finstock consulting has been offering its services within and outside the country this has been a good experience as it has exposed us to different geographical position and this has offed us a chance to know what is expected from us by our client as they strongly believe in our services therefore come lets serve you better
team building
finstock consulting offered team building activity to its employees at fisherman camp where employees enjoyed their day out from work together

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