Five things to consider before starting a business

Five things to consider before starting a business

Almost everyone fantasizes of beginning their own company. Despite this, only 4% of newly established enterprises survive for ten years.

In fact, more than half of all small firms fail before their fifth year. The majority of people are unaware of the different factors to consider when beginning a new business.

Many people establish firms just because they want to be on top of things. They have no notion how much money is needed, how much hard work is required, how much expertise and experience they must gather, or how much patience they must have until their business reaches a particular level at which they can break even.

To start a business you need to consider the following factors;

1. Capital.

Before starting any business, this should be one of the first consideration. Capital determines the type of business, the size of the business, quality of the products you want sell. Also, it determines where to locate your business in this way; if you have enough capital you can choose to locate your business in prime location like in the city but if you have a smaller capital you will choose to locate your business where affordable.

Five things to consider before starting a business


2. Need

Consider the need that your company fulfills. This could be an issue or procedure that your product can help with, a loss that your product can help avert, or a service that your community need. If you can provide a service like delicious cuisine, laundry, or repair to a community where it is not yet available, this means you have solved a certain need in that community.

Five things to consider before starting a business


3. Location

Consider where you would want to start your company. If you plan on transporting your goods or providing a traveling service, you might be able to start your business from home. If you are looking for a storefront, keep in mind that the appeal of the location must be balanced with the amount of rent you can pay. Consider a location which will favour your business operation. Also put into consideration of a location which will minimize the input and maximize the output

Five things to consider before starting a business


4. Competition

You will not be able to survive in the market for long without you know who your competitors are and what they are doing.

Competition will not matter if your product is a monopoly. Otherwise, you all have to devise a brilliant approach to bridge the demand and supply gap.

If you are planning to establish a firm, gaining a market share should be top of mind. This should not be too difficult if there is a high demand for your product. If not, you may need to increase your company’s position in order to break into the competitive market.

Learning about your competitors, determining how they have positioned themselves, and determining their price are all part of the competition analysis process.

Five things to consider before starting a business


5. Registration

Make sure you have all of the necessary registrations to legalize your firm once you have considered all of the capital and expense requirements. This will let you have a smooth time with the authorities while conducting the business. This is the area many people have failed and have led to failure in their businesses and firms

Five things to consider before starting a business


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Five things to consider before starting a business

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