Top 7 Benefits of a Certified Fraud Examiner Certification!

The certified fraud examiner (CFE) course is offered at Finstock Evarsity college.  The benefits of this course accrue to both the professional and well as to the general economy. Here is list of 7 benefits that the CFE course may yield to you and to the economy. Increase your earnings CFEs earn 31 percent more […]

Impact of Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) To Your Organization Bottom Line!

A CFE research indicates that organizations with CFEs professionals, uncover fraud 50 percent sooner and experience fraud losses that are 62 percent smaller than organizations that do not have CFEs on staff. Reports on fraud and corruption has been widespread in Kenya. Both public and private sectors have not been spared of this scourge. For instance, […]

Become a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) at Finstock Evarsity College!

  Does it pain you as a taxpayer when billions of monies in Kenyan state owned enterprises, ministries and county governments disappear without trace? Does it make you wonder how people could plunder the NYS, NHIF, NCPB, KPC, IEBC, National Bank of Kenya, among others with impunity and reckless abandon? Does is shock you when private […]

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