Advantages of e-learning

Advantages of e-learning

Learning in the 21st century has taken a new and different dimension whereby the learning is being done via the internet. The new method also known as e-learning has changed the general view of learning globally. Many institutions are looking forward to take their learning online. With the aid of a good system, Finstock Evarsity College has made e-learning easier and very possible. Here are some the advantage of e-learning at Finstock Evarsity College.

1. It is efficient

e-learning at Finstock Evarsity College offers an efficient way of teachers and student to receive and give lessons. Unlike the traditional method where both the students and the teachers had to meet at a common location to deliver and receive lessons, teachers and students at Finstock Evarsity College use several resources such as video calls, podcasts and others thus making it so effient and productive.


2. Affordability

E-learning at Finstock Evarsity College has been affordable to students across all the courses. Also, some key cost like transportation, meals and hostels costs are eliminated since learning can take place even while at home. The cost ranges between $10 and $100 implying that students can access courses depending on what they can afford. To see a full list of freemium courses which range as low as $10 follow the link

Freemium Courses

also, to see short courses that range between $10 and $100 follow the link

Short courses

3. Accessibility of time and place

The reason why many people dropped out of colleges and universities is due to the lack of time to attend class. E-learning at Finstock Evarsity college has made possible for student to access classes from anywhere provided they have a good internet. Student can also access classes any time provided they have made arrangement with the teacher unlike the traditional method where classes were done during a specified time and mostly during the day where many people could not manage to attend the classes. Here is a testimonial of a student of how e-learning at Finstock evarsity College has made it possible for him to take classes at his free time

Advantages of e-learning Accessibility

4. It accommodates everyone

The traditional method of learning denied some groups of people a chance of undertaking their studies due to their tight schedules. For instance, the stay home mothers and office goers did not have that chance to go to school due to their tight programs at home. E-learning at Finstock Evarsity College has made it possible for such group of people to continue with their studies. E-leraning at Finstock Evarsity College also accommodate both the fast learners and slow learners because  every student can learn at their pace. Here is a testimonial from one of our students

Advantages of e-learning accomodate


5. Offers an up to date content

Unlike physical classes where old textbooks were used while studying.  E-learning at Finstock Evarsity College is more advantageous since we offer an up-to-date content where tutors the aid of the internet offers a updated content thus giving quality education

Advantages of e-learning up to date

6. Less impact on the environment

e-learning at Finstock Evarsity College is a paperless method of learning. Due to this it has reduced pollution which is caused by poor disposal of papers. Also, it has reduced noise pollution since there no physical interaction of tutors and students and students to students.

Registers with us and experience the beauty of e-learning. To register with us follow the link Finstock Evarsity and enroll for a course of your desire




Advantages of e-learning

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